Aims & Scope

GREEN FOODS publishes Short communication, Research articles, Review articles, Editorial comment, and Letter to the editor.

The journal aims to promote and advocate for sustainable diets that prioritize plant-based foods, reduce food waste, and support ethical and environmentally friendly farming practices.

Nutritional Research: "GREEN FOODS" seeks to publish cutting-edge research on the nutritional aspects of plant-based diets, including their impact on human health, disease prevention, and overall well-being.

Environmental Impact: The journal aims to explore the environmental implications of different food production systems.

Food System Innovation: "GREEN FOODS" focuses on innovations and advancements in sustainable food production and storage.

Policy and Advocacy: "GREEN FOODS" aims to contribute to policy discussions and advocacy efforts surrounding sustainable food systems, aiming to influence policymakers, organizations, and the public to prioritize eco-friendly and healthy eating practices.

Interdisciplinary Perspective: The journal seeks to foster interdisciplinary collaborations, encouraging contributions from researchers, experts, and practitioners in various fields, including nutrition, environmental science, agriculture, public health, and food studies.

Consumer Education: "GREEN FOODS" strives to provide accessible and evidence-based information to educate and empower consumers about the benefits and challenges of adopting sustainable and plant-based diets.

Community Engagement: The journal aims to engage with communities, organizations, and initiatives that promote sustainable food practices, sharing success stories, best practices, and lessons learned.

Global Perspective: "GREEN FOODS" embraces a global perspective, highlighting diverse cultural and regional food traditions, examining local food systems, and addressing issues of food security and social equity.

By encompassing these aims and scopes, "GREEN FOODS" journal seeks to be a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and individuals interested in promoting sustainable and healthy food choices for a greener future.