About the Journal

GREEN FOODS is a non-profit, open-access journal with the mission of advancing the research on the novel and emerging technologies and processes in food and crops fields. GREEN FOODS aims to collect the last knowledge about the production of health foods using non-hazardous methods.


GREEN FOODS is a Non-profit, Open-access, Revolutionary Journal Promoting Sustainable and Healthy Eating Habits."

"Introducing GREEN FOODS: A cutting-edge journal dedicated to exploring the world of eco-friendly and nutritious culinary options."

"Discover the latest research and insights on plant-based diets and sustainable food practices in GREEN FOODS journal."

"GREEN FOODS journal aims to inspire individuals and communities to embrace environmentally friendly food choices for a healthier planet."

"Exploring the intersection of nutrition, sustainability, and gastronomy, GREEN FOODS journal is a must-read for conscious eaters and eco-conscious individuals."

"With articles ranging from farm-to-table practices to innovative plant-based recipes, GREEN FOODS journal offers a comprehensive perspective on the future of food."

"Stay informed about the latest trends, studies, and advancements in sustainable agriculture and green culinary innovations through the pages of GREEN FOODS journal."

"GREEN FOODS journal serves as a platform for renowned experts and researchers to share their expertise and inspire a global shift towards greener food and crop products."

"From urban farming to zero-waste cooking, GREEN FOODS journal explores innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our food choices."

"Join the movement towards a greener, healthier world with GREEN FOODS journal as your guide, empowering you to make informed decisions about your diet and the planet."


Journal Title: GREEN FOODS

Abbreviation: GREEN FOODS

ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (online)

Official/Publication Language: English

First Issue: 2023

Publication Frequency: Two issues per year (June  / December)

Review Process: Double-blind peer review

Access Availability: Full open access

Publication Fees/Charges: No submission and publication fees or page charges